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1. We have 3 of Cindys IW's and love working with her. She is always there for us and full of knowledge of the breed. She goes the extra mile for her families and dogs. Sheila-Bakersfield Ca.

2.We were waiting on our puppy with a large deposit down. I lost my job and Cindy said NO problem. You can have the puppy for free & have your deposit back. No one like her in this breed. Class act. Eugene- New York

3. Cindy went out of her way to welcome us into the Irish Wolfhound family/breed after we had encountered many of the breed snobs and were turned off. Once we saw the un-necessary hate & lies she endures, we knew she was our breeder. Cindy & her Irish Wolfhounds are in a league of their own. Ashley-Fargo, N.D. 

4. We met Cindy and 2 of her dogs at a dog show and instantly knew she was the breeder for us. Always very informative, helpful and classy. We now have 2 of her dogs and hope to have more. Richard-Tulsa, OK.  

5. I have personally known Cindy for over 15 years and her dogs just keep getting better and better. She knows how to run a great breeding program and her dogs speak for themselves. I have 4 of her IW's and they are truly magnificent with no health problems and very sound minds. Smartest Irish Wolfhounds around, as she has no bred the brains out of them, like so many. Carly-Dallas, Texas.  

 6. I own 2 of Cindys dogs and I make the yearly trek to her home for her Private Fall Bash for her IW family's only that she puts on. She opens up her home and lets you see how the dogs live and how she lives. Its a magical place like no other. You can have a large pack of friendly well socialized Irish Wolfhounds running around you all at one time. No other experience like this anywhere. Most breeders won't let you on their property. Cindy will and she will even feed you! I always feel like I am dreaming when I go there.  Best breeder in the USA. Alan-St. Paul, Minnesota. 

7. We drove from Wisconsin to Kansas to get our puppy. We wanted to meet Cindy and her dogs in person. She treated us like family and allowed us to stay there 6 hours and even fed us! No one like her or her dogs, anywhere. She even gave us free t-shirts! Soon she said she will re-open her store with her shirts in it.  Our puppy is over the top. Much larger and more massive than any of the IWs around us. You can tell a difference for sure, between Cindys IW's and other breeders. Don't miss the chance of a lifetime as she told us she will retire from breeding soon. God bless her. Timothy-Green Bay, Wisconsin  

8. Never met a more compassionate, caring person in the world, than Cindy Biehler. She is dedicated to the breed and her puppy families 110%. She is a giver of the best. Tony-Phoenix, Arizona   

9. Cindy has been in this breed longer than many. I have read some Internet lies about her and her dogs and her program. It is clear to see these people are jealous haters with pathetic lives. Cindy is on top of the IW game and they know it. I will hate to see her retire soon, but she has given more to this breed than most people and will go down in the history of the breed as being a positive force. Glenn-Las Vegas, Nevada.  

10. My puppy was born on Veterans Day, and is weighing 95 lbs at 6 months old. He is absolutely a dream come true. Everything is perfect about him. I am so glad I went to her. I had read negative things about her on the Internet and decided to check her out. Once you meet her and see her dogs you understand why the haters hate. She is the complete package in the breed and so are her dogs. Laura-Waterloo, Iowa. 

11. We have been blessed to meet such a wonderful breeder who truly cares about her dogs and her families. Our Shamus has brought so much joy to our lives. He is big and massive, smart and healthy. Being first time owners we were nervous. But, Cindy has always been here focus night or day. Put your trust in her for an amazing Irish Wolfhound and experience. Tally-St. Louis Missouri  

 12. Look no further. Cindy has the best dogs we have ever seen and we went everywhere on our search. Even flying to Ireland! She has the biggest, healthiest & smartest Irish Wolfhounds anywhere. She is the best lady you will ever meet! Our dog is 12 months old and weighs 180lbs and so massive. Beautiful fur type. We love him. Thank you Cindy for going above and beyond. Lucas-St. Paul, Minnesota

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