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So you want to be a part of an Irish Wolfhound Club & have unconditional support.

After spending the weekend with breeders that I network with, we had some really great discussions. And this was brought to light. One being how much everyone loves being a part of the new club "NIWA" or The National Irish Wolfhound Association. If you don't know who NIWA is, look them up on Facebook or visit their website at .

NIWA was formed to help promote our beloved breed and a safe place where people could belong and ask questions with out being hung from a hang mans noose for who their breeder is. Lets face it, There are different types of Irish Wolfhounds and breeders. Seems everyone charges $2500.00 these days for a pet IW, and anything below that is scary and some at that price are even scarier. Recently, I reviewed an AKC judge IW breeder contract that was sent to me. $2750.00 and no guarantee! Say what? No guarantee? Yes, I can't believe people actually sign that! Run fast if there is no health guarantee! I have first hand dealt with this breeder at AKC shows in the past. Their dogs were small and looked like grey hounds. No bone, no mass, no substance. I was shocked. Of course my hounds won as they were like night and day in the show ring. Honest judges could not deny my hounds from the winners circle. (honest judges will be blogged at a later date as well as point foddering to titles). Most people want substance and a BIG Irish Wolfhound. I hear it all the time, I want the biggest. And, I aim to deliver. So, think twice about what you are signing and what you are actually getting. At NIWA there are people that can send you in the right direction so you don't get taken for a ride with no life long support. You can always reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. Always happy to help.

NIWA has many experts in different areas to help you determine what is right for you and what is not. NIWA has a private breeders group for breeder members only that network together and are pushing forward with our delicate breed to create the best Irish Wolfhounds in the USA. They share information you won't find on the internet of true life experiences in breeding these delicate hounds.You know what I say? Showing is a game, Breeding is an art! Let that sink in. I am copied and harassed all the time, but trust me, I am the original, "The Cindy". My close friends told me that years ago. You're not just any Cindy your are "The Cindy". Because, I DO take a stand and I will uncover the real dirt in this breed and I will share it. Think about how many times "they" bottlenecked the breed? Thats another blog to come, later.

The National Irish Wolfhound Association is getting ready for their second annual NIWA Celidh in Harrisburg, Illinois on October 23, 24, 25 2020. Why not join in the fun? Meet people, make new friends and most of all, gorgeous Irish Wolfhounds are there! I will post the flyer here, at a later date. Mark you calendar now! Its truly a magical weekend, with an awesome group of Irish Wolfhound Lovers. You will feel the love. Thank you.


The Cindy

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