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Our You Tube Channel Is Up & Running Irish Wolfhounds

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

I know you have been waiting, begging for this and yes, it is coming to life now. Most of you follow me on Face Book at my Midwest Irish Wolfhounds Ranch page. If you don't you need too! I update there as much as possible. Now, I am finally getting my You Tube moving along. But, let's be honest here. I am home to 15 Irish Wolfhounds and 2 adorable Chihuahuas. That is 17 total dogs! Can you imagine? My time is limited to what I can realistically do. I absolutely love my dogs and my life God has blessed me with. Most of my Irish Wolfhounds are grand champions and champions in there perspective fields. From Conformation, to Good Canine Citizen, Trick Dog, LGRA (straight racing) ASFA (Lure Coursing) and other Performance Events. And, the beauty of it is, I have raised them all but a limited few. I have brought them from across the pond of course.

Ok, now lets get back to You Tube! I will be in the next few days, weeks and months be releasing many videos on my You Tube Channel: Midwest Irish Wolfhounds Ranch. I am going to enlighten you and teach you about Irish Wolfhounds and the world of being an Irish Wolfhound Breeder and competitor. Oh, its going to be good! You will love it and laugh and then you will gasp and blow your socks off, as the truth is brought to the front for the world to see. Stay Tuned.

The Cindy

Jackie Blue out in the lead of her 3rd 200 Yard LGRA racing at Purina Farms Irish Wolfhound Club Of America National Specialty and crowned the BEST Of BREED over 50 of the nations top Irish Wolfhounds. Paw-Tay
Nunneleys Jackie Blue Of Berry Hill CA

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