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Berry Hill Irish Wolfhounds

Land Of The Sight Hounds & Cindy Nunneley Biehler

My ranch is located on top of Berry Hill in South East Kansas. Berry Hill is the highest point in the county and full of natural wildlife and Wolfies. I always welcome people who would like to come and meet my Irish Wolfhounds in person. Its a once in a lifetime opportunity to come here and see them all in person. Call today 620-289-4244. 
Average 32 to 38 inches at the shoulder. Known for their gentle and loyal personalities. First bred to hunt wolves and Elk. Good long distance runners, fierce hunters! Owned only by nobility in olden times. Used in battle to attack knights on horseback. From an ancient dog called "CU", 
Gaelic for dog

The Dogs, The Myths, The Legends

I ask God for a true friend and he sent me Irish Wolfhounds.

*Thank you God.*

I raise only Beautiful Irish Wolfhound Dogs on our large rolling ranch here in beautiful Kansas. We do it for the love of the breed, and are producing some exceptional Irish Wolfhounds. We have produced Multiple Show Champions, Best In Show, Best Of Breed, Lure Coursing LGRA & AFSA BOB Champions, #1 All Breed Irish Wolfhound in the USA, Irish Wolfhound Club Of America National Speciality Best Of Breed LGRA, #1 LGRA Irish Wolfhound USA and most of all the wonderful Gentle Giants. I have placed with loving families who also love the breed and want a family pet. I have a demand for family pets first and foremost, which I welcome. So many families end up with babies that could be shown or raced or coursed. I am so thankful for the people who have my dogs as family pets. I love watching them grow up and come and visit me years later. I have many repeat loving families that have 2 and 3 of my babies in their homes. I am truly blessed with some wonderful families and outstanding Irish Wolfhounds. Thank you also to the perfect families that know, that two is better than one! Thats why I made my video to the song. Be sure and check it out. My dogs are known for longevity, conformation, size and sweet temperaments. But most of all, I am the breeder that is always here for my dogs and families throughout their lifetimes, always. LONG LIVE THE IRISH WOLFHOUNDS! 

Nola, Aine and Hyder

Showing is a Game. Breeding is an Art.

I have been a preservation breeder for over 20 years. Preserving the integrity of the Irish Wolfhounds. Champion heritage that is incomparable. You are part of my extended family once you own one of my babes. I am blessed to have met so many wonderful families and true friends for life. There is a small municipal airport within 10 miles of the ranch and many fly their private jets and  planes here or charter planes here also. Stud service available. Semen shipped Fresh Chill $3000.00 AI, with your vet or here with my vet. Contact me today. Check out the testimonials page under more.

 AKC Champion "Prince" 

Home bred girl 19 month old Nunneleys Buckarette of Berry Hill, Region 5 ASFA Best Of Breed 2016 Lur
Ch Jett & Gr Ch Fletch doing what dogs should do and that's have fun!


Come join the new Irish Wolfhound Association that is like no other. Where the fun begins and the truth never ends about our beloved breed!  Find their FaceBook Page:: National Irish Wolfhound Association

AKC National Championship Best Of Breed Orlando, Florida  our own “Prince”,  Bravo Reality Show staring our own "Bo-Dee"!

Irish Wolfhound Club Of America National Speciality  Best Of Breed LGRA "Nunneleys Jackie Blue Of Berry Hill CA" 

 #1 LGRA Irish Wolfhound "Nunneleys Jackie Blue Of Berry Hill CA" USA

 #3 LGRA Irish Wolfhound "Nunneleys Queen Zury Of Berry Hill CA"

*Honda Commerical Drillers own daughter "Pearl" is featured......

*Purina Pro Club Article featuring Cindy N. Biehler on Early Puppy Socialization. 

*Our youtube  channel * Two is better than one.

PRINCE ranked #10 All Breed IW 2019  after 5 shows. Prince ranked #10 GCH 2020. 7 year old veteran Jett ranked #25

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Contact Today

Here is the ad that came out today in the AKC Weekly Winners Gallery.jpg

Call Name: Driller  #1 USA ALL BREED IRISH WOLFHOUND  NUNNELEYS FRANCIS GORM DRILLER OF WAYSIDE KANSAS "Drillers iconic look is recognized across the globe."

Owned By: Cindy Nunneley Biehler

Bred By: Cindy Nunneley Biehler 

Be sure and check out our Testimonial pages also. Paw-Tay!  #takethatandtellit


***************Come see us for that perfect family member & meet our outstanding Irish Wolfhounds, 620-289-4244.Ground transport 2021due to C-19.


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